2008 UM V2S-250R


A true sport bike.

The all new V2S 250R is a true sport bike. Other machines in its class, most of which have been unchanged for many years, are more accurately considered "sporty standards". This all new 250 cubic centimeter sport machine carries a full compliment of true sport bike features. Starting with a thoroughly modern perimeter frame, this true full fairing sport bike features inverted front forks, mono shock rear suspension, clip on handlebars, fully adjustable rear sets (foot rests) and a powerful 90-degree V-twin power plant. Projector head lamps and modern chassis and body work design add to its unique utility and value. No other machine in its class or price range can compare.

This agile, powerful sport machine has a low seat height and good manners, making it accessible to the entry level rider, and satisfying to the more advanced enthusiast who demands the best in modern design for light weight sport riding on the road or the track.