2002 Kawasaki Ninja® ZX-6

Ninja ZX-6 One Owner Extras include, fender elimitator kit, integrated led taillight rear turn signal kit, flush mount front turn signals,

The Kawasaki NINJA® ZX-6 sportbike could be described as the best of all possible sporting worlds. On the one hand, it provides plenty of sportbike performance, but on the other, the ZX-6 features a comfortable riding position, civilized manners and an affordable price. More specifically, it is endowed with the performance of a 600cc SuperSport champion, as well as with a low seat height, spacious cockpit and wide power spread. Overall, it’s the ultimate all-around motorcycle. The ZX-6 is powered by a compact 599cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine that’s similar to the high-performance, AMA 600cc Supersport-winning ZX-6R powerplant. Dual overhead cams actuate four extra-light valves per cylinder, and Kawasaki Straight-Shot ports combine with narrow valve stems to provide free-flowing intake for quick throttle response.